Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

Oh my goodness, Christmas with a 20 month old is soooo fun!!! Dean was ripping the same present open everyday for a week before Christmas even was from daycare and she kept saying, "it's a book!" Then would rip it open and read it. When she wasn't looking I would re-wrap it and put it under the tree and the cycle continued.
Christmas morning, I felt so bad. I actually didn't remember to wrap her presents. I looked under the tree and that looks empty. Then it all came back to me where I had hidden all the gifts. At least Matt's and Riley's were all ready. (Riley sleeps over on Christmas Eve)
Matt quickly dragged Dean into the kitchen while I wrapped her presents...which of course being unprepared I didn't wrap...or set up presents that required assembly...This, I didn't know, would cause some major anxiety for Dean...she was so mad while I set things up.

Dean locating which present to open first

Making her small tears, one at a time

Riley helping Dean...

Dean sitting in her dolls carseat...

Getting babies ready for a walk

She never liked her own playpen...not sure why this was so appealing...but was entertaining for us the bars are permanently

Dean received an industrial strength metal childsized shopping cart from my bosses for Christmas. She demanded to be put in it and pushed around. We tried reasoning with logic and rules, but Dean of course refused to listen...

Her face is so angry while Riley tries to take her out of the shopping cart...I tried my best not to laugh out loud...

Dean got to use big Dean's old stocking...what a special priviege...she loved all of her goodies that came from inside!!
We loved spending all of our holidays with our amazing it is to be able to live so close to our loved ones!!

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